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Working with and for District 28 Interests 


Vicky will help local businesses and workers thrive. 

Small businesses are the backbone of our community. Vicky will partner with local businesses, equipping them with the tools they need to grow and hire locally.

Vicky will cut taxes for the middle class, families, veterans and seniors.

Vicky will ensure the government is fiscally responsible. She will fight to reduce taxes on your income, property, and social security.

Vicky will support the leaders of tomorrow. 

As a mother and substitute teacher Vicky knows that schools develop tomorrow’s leaders. We must equip schools with technology and foster strong relationships between the community and teachers.

Vicky will protect your right to keep reproductive and all other medical and personal decisions private.

 She will help make health care and prescriptions more affordable and expand access to mental health services.

Vicky is a champion for people with disabilities. 

 We must ensure all members of our community can feel independent in their daily activities. Vicky will promote accessibility and ensure everyone feels respected.

Committee to Elect Victoria A. Bird
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